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CJK  Client Services was formed to assist in sustaining the growth and stability of the small business market.  We provide products and services that focus on; Growth of your Business, and Protecting your Assets.  As a small business , we understand the importance of having a strong  partner, working with you behind the scenes.  Our goal is to build a relationship , and become that partner for your business, at every phase of its growth.


CJK Client Services exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity.

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Insurance Services Analysis

Protect Your Legacy

We take a in depth look at your current Insurance situation, and find an overall solution, to meet your Insurance needs. We have access to all the top rated carriers, in all the Insurance markets. So no matter the need, we will find the solution.

Travel Services Analysis

Business and Leisure

We offer free membership into our Elite Business Travel Club.  A membership based program, where we take care of all our members business and leisure travel services.  Membership definitely has it's benefits with this program.  Too many to list here, but you will have access to some of the most unique travel and leisure solutions available.

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Start Your Own

Home Based Travel Agency

As a company, we will walk you step by step through the process of getting your new venture up and running. Start  your home-based travel agency for a low startup fee of $200.00.  Then to follow a $60.00 monthly maintenance fee that starts on your second month, this maintains your agency going forward. You decide how you want to work your new venture. Begin as a part time endeavor in addition to your current venture or as  a full-time business for yourself.


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